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Tank Trivia Time: The M113 APC, aka Green Dragon

At Tank America, the Green Dragon APC is used to transport visitors to and from the FV433 Abbot, the tank you’ll be driving during the tank experience. However, there’s more to the Green Dragon than simply being an armored personnel carrier. During the Vietnam War, the Green Dragon, while originally intended to be used solely…
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End Your Friday Right with our Tank Time Gallery

We’ve got lots of neat stuff brewing here at Tank America! In just a few weeks, our tank experiences begin, and currently there’s boat-loads of fun to be had every weekend during tactical laser tag. More news and media outlets will be visiting soon as well! *Whew* It’s been a wild ride so far (quite…
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Winston Churchill & the First Tanks

Winston Churchill is considered one of the best political leaders of the 20th century. His number of achievements during World War II, especially, have elevated him to the forefront of war-time greats. People have been tipping their hats to Churchill since then, and even now, he is glorified in books and movies, written about in…
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Help Us Shape Tank America’s Blog

We have some pretty neat things for you lined up at Tank America. With news coverage, laser tag specials, and tank experiences launching in just a few weeks, there’s a lot on our plate. Naturally, we want our blog to grow, too! So far we’ve written about the early tank sketches of Leonardo da Vinci,…
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Tank America’s Media Day

Friday, November 17th was a big day for Tank America. At 11 AM, reporters and bloggers from the central Florida area crowded around our twin podiums to hear our co-owners, Scott Benjamin, and Troy Lotane talk about our tactical laser tag arena and upcoming tank experiences. Afterwards, everyone headed outside, where a few reporters rode…
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Cold Response in Norway

Winter is coming, and it’s a magical time of year. Florida never endures harsh winters and waist deep snow, but it’s always neat to read about winters in other places. Some of you may remember a photo we posted some weeks ago on Facebook that showed tanks sliding around on ice in Norway for Marine…
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Tank America’s Favorite Space Coast Holiday Events

The Space Coast is a unique place to celebrate the holidays. In addition to your usual holiday festivals, concerts, and shopping bazaars, we also have a Holiday Boat Parade, the glorious Space Coast Lightfest, and the world famous Surfing Santas on Christmas Eve. Whatever your jam, the Space Coast has a holiday gift for you.…
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How to win at tactical laser tag

How to Win at Tactical Laser Tag

Playing a game of Laser Tag can be an intense and fun experience. The only thing better is being the winner. After all, what’s better than coming in first? So, before you head off to your favorite laser maze, brush up your skills with these simple techniques. ● Keep Shooting This is trick is almost…
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Why Choose Tank America?

There are plenty of reasons visit Florida. The sun, the sand, and our wide variety of theme parks are quite the draw for many. We have zoos and aquariums, Disney World, Universal, Busch Gardens and Seaworld, unique art scenes, architecture in St. Pete and St. Augustine, Hemingway’s house and Duvall Street in Key West, and rich history hiding in every nook and cranny of our thumb-shaped state. Leaving…
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Tank America Blog Launching

Launch of Blog & Da Vinci’s War Machine

Tank America‘s website has just gone live today, and with it comes the launch of our blog! We’ve been hard at work turning this dream into a reality these past several months, and we’re so happy to finally share it with you. For our very first blog post, we want to delve into a neat…
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