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Florida's newest adrenaline packed attraction.

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tank america basic training package

Basic Tank Training - Obstacle & Terrain Course

Once you’re briefed by the platoon Commander at Headquarters, your Team will board an Armored Personnel Carrier tank (APC Green Dragon), where you’ll be escorted to the Battle Front. Once there, you’ll slide into the drivers seat of the FV433 Abbot tank and receive mission instructions from the Commander.

Now, get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you control a 17 ton monster, raw energy pumping through your veins. The massive tank beneath you will obliterate every barrier blocking its path, its 105 mm Howitzer cannon leading the way. You’ll traverse plenty of rugged terrain and avoid deadly obstacles as you drive the FV433 into the lush forest ahead. Keep your eyes peeled for enemies along the way as you edge along barren lake beds and clamber up steep dunes. Tracks oozing with syrupy mud will try and stall your progress, and danger echoes from every sludge filled nook and cranny. Only perseverance and your gutsy spirit will ensure you make it safely back to headquarters.

What’s Included:
- Safety & Vehicle Briefing
- APC Ride to Battle Front
- Drive the FV433 Abbot tank

tank america advanced troop package

Advanced Tank Package - Terrain Course & Car Crush

Advanced Troops include everything in Basic Training PLUS even more destructive fun. After crashing through the forest in the FV433 and laying waste to everything in your path, you’ll head out for your next adrenaline laced adventure: annihilating a car. Attempt to hang on as the Abbot ascends and rumbles across the vehicles hood, crushing it underneath witha roaring crunch. Afterwards, whipped into a flurry of excitement, motortriumphantly back to headquarters grinning ear to ear.

Our noble crew will be waiting at HQ to film your victorious return to safety on a GoPro, and you’ll get to keep the video as a one of a kind souvenir to look fondly back on; this way, you can always remember your epic adventure at Tank America.

What’s Included:
– Safety & Vehicle Briefing
– APC Ride to Battle Front
– Drive the FV433 Abbot tank
– Includes Car Crush (a $549 value)
– Complimentary Additional Passenger
– Free GoPro Video of your Experience

tank america elite package

Tactical Laser Tag

Picture it: two teams locked in conflict, both equipped with the most realistic Laser Tag armor and firearms known to man. You’ll experience authentic live noise and recoil in a fully immersive arena like nothing you’ve ever seen. Hear screeching jets overhead and the rumble of exploding bombs as you creep along dirt smeared streets in search of the enemy. The war zone is perilous and the battle intense, so reflexes and quick wit are the best bet for survival. This is role play taken to the next level. Will you make it out in one piece? Your fate is in your valiant hands.

$30.00 /session
tank america elite package

Car Crush Experience

If navigating our exhilarating tank driving course isn’t for you. Our car crush only package provides you with all of the destructive fun of annihilating a car with our FV 433 Abbot. With this option you will miss out on the adventure of riding in the armored personnel carrier and driving the tank around our track but will let you experience the thrill of decimating a helpless car with 18 tons of Tank fury.

$599.00 /session

Tank Expeditions

Day 1st Expedition 2nd Expedition
Friday 9:00am 1:00pm
Saturday 9:00am 1:00pm
Sunday 9:00am 1:00pm