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About Tank America

Tank America is in scenic Orlando just minutes from Disney, Universal, and the airport. This adventure theme park is set on 14 lush acres of land with plenty of jungle terrain, and rolling trails cutting through the forest. The topography features a 1/2 mile course which billows up hills, traverses mud holes, whips around hair pin turns and across straightaways. Tank America puts you in the middle of the action and directly in the driver’s seat as you navigate across the landscape in a FV433 Abbot military tank, filled with adrenaline as you lay waste to everything in your path!

Including check in briefing and driving please expect to be at our facility for approximately an hour and a half.

We drive rain or shine!  Tank drives may be postponed temporarily if lightening is present.  Drives will commence once lightning is no longer within 2 miles of our location.

Yes, to book a combination ticket please call 321-241-1122

16 years old to drive a tank, 55 inches or taller to ride as a passenger

Please call our booking department at 321-241-1122 or email at info@tankamerica

Our unique tank driving course is ½ mile and includes obstacles, turns, and hills. 

Tank America recommends wearing comfortable clothing, pants, and closed toed shoes during our tank experiences. Please be aware that on the tank experience you will get wet, muddy, or dusty depending on the weather conditions at the time of your experience.

Yes, they are! Take as many pictures as you’d like. Post them on social media and tag us too! Please tag us at #tankamerica

The FV433 Abbot holds one driver and three passengers.

Yes, you will be asked to sign a waiver.

We, unfortunately, do not accommodate wheelchairs at this time.