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Tactical Laser Tag

Florida's newest adrenaline packed attraction.

Tactical Laser Tag

Think you’re the best tactical laser tag player around? Prove it.

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Personalize Your Profile

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Create a profile to keep track of your stats, and your friend’s stats too. Monitor wins and losses, kill streaks, and track your progress over time in order to improve over time and become the Tank America tag combat champion.


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You came, you played, you dominated! Plan your strategy to take down the leader on your next round, compete against friends and strangers, and brag about your shooter skills on social media.


Save time when you arrive by printing and filling out your waiver ahead of time.


tank america Monotony Has No Place Here
tank america A Different Caliber of Laser Tag

A Different Caliber of Laser Combat

Awaiting you at Tank America is the future of laser tag. No more silly plastic guns or annoying black lights. Instead you’ll complete riveting missions while competing in hostile warfare on an authentic Hollywood set.

Monotony Has No Place Here

Lose yourself in our immersive arena and feel like you’re in the middle of a blockbuster action movie. Wipe out every person you come across in realistic role play complete with live noise and recoil. Authentic sound effects and lighting will create a tone like no other, with jets screeching and bombs exploding nearby. Tank America’s laser combat is tame by no means.

tank america A Different Caliber of Laser Tag challange
tank america A Different Caliber of Laser Tag

A Set Fit for Hollywood

Tank America’s laser combat set was designed to be as stimulating and enveloping as possible. Legitimate props, closing doors, steps, nearly livable buildings, and asphalt streets complete with dirt fill out the set to create an astonishing war zone not found anywhere else.

Wildly Accurate Combat Zones

With exclusive rooms and adventure to partake in, Tank America engages players in a truly extraordinary battle experience. Choose your fate in the story. Master your sneak skills, go berserk from above, or patrol with conviction in combat stance. Things will never get tedious, no matter how many times you gear up for battle.

Wildly Accurate Combat Zones

Realism At Its Most Intense

A mesmerizing battle awaits you each time you tackle a mission, always shifting and evolving. Different settings and time of day keep things interesting, while continuous bomb blasts, shrieking jets, whizzing bullets, and clapping thunder sound off overhead. Watch your environment, too: plenty of clues will be offered in planning your ambush.

Laser Combat Equipment

Weapons and Gear That Feel Real

Tank America’s laser combat firearms are eerily similar to the actual thing. Change out your magazine when your ammo runs out, witness bright muzzle flashes, and experience live blasts and recoil! Plenty of weapon options are available for you to choose from.

irM4 CQB

Ideal for close quarters combat and quick aiming. The CQB is lightweight and features a red dot sight, front grip (not shown), and no stock.

tank america Wildly Accurate Combat Zones

irM4 SBR

The SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) has a stock and iron sights for stable shooting and comfortable aiming.

tank america Vest


Wireless, cheater-proof system with multiple hit sensors. Fully adjustable to accommodate most people.