Playing a game of Laser Tag can be an intense and fun experience. The only thing better is being the winner. After all, what’s better than coming in first? So, before you head off to your favorite laser maze, brush up your skills with these simple techniques.

● Keep Shooting

This is trick is almost basic, but no less effective. Unless the game has limitations on ammunition, keep hitting your targets. You don’t need to have perfect aim; keep rapid firing in the general direction of your opponent’s sensors. Ammo isn’t an issue, so blast away!

● Move Around Defensively

Walk and turn sideways when firing. This way, you’ll have better aim and limit how much of a target you are. This is one of the best defense tactics you can use during the game. Also remember to keep moving. Avoid standing in the same position for too long as you’ll be vulnerable when you do.

● Make Use of the Cooldown Time

If you are hit, you will have a cooldown time of a few seconds (10 seconds) while your suit and gun are disabled. Instead of just waiting around, make good use of this time. Find better positioning for yourself; preferably a wall or another defended location. You can also follow an opponent to strike back once you are reactivated. Since your suit is dark during the cooldown, you have a good chance of moving undetected.

● Try Sweep Move

This is a tactic used by experienced players. Sweep the laser gun in an arc across a single or multiple targets and then pull the trigger. The gun will fire in that pattern and you may end up tagging multiple targets with this move.

● Study the Layout Well

You need to quickly know the maze layout and plan your movements accordingly. Scope out the spots that offer a good view. If there are multiple levels, don’t hesitate to go up and snipe at opponents below. Just make sure to choose the spots wisely to minimize the chances of getting hit.

● Be Appropriately Dressed

Wear dark colored clothes and shoes, preferably dark blue or black. Your clothes and shoes must be comfortable. You can show up in layers to withstand the initial cold of the laser arena, but keep it airy as there will be a lot of movements and sweating.

● Target Newbies and Kids

This can sound mean, but everything is fair in love and war. An inexperienced player can be an easy target to gain points. Hit newbies and kids first to boost your score card.

Win or lose, enjoyment and having fun are the most important things to do during a game. These tips and tricks will help you achieve a win, just make sure to learn from your experiences. At Tank America, we offer tactical laser tag activities – get in touch today!